Wednesday, October 7, 2009

today is a special day...

happy birthday, lover!

today is bennett's 21st birthday!
i'm taking him to dinner tonight
(where? it's a secret...)
and then we're going to get dessert
and do all sorts of fun things

and this weekend we're going to see
oh i can't wait.

and instead of making him a card
i made him a birthday booklet
(see photo above)
filled with letters
and pictures
and secrets
and memories

happy birthday to my favorite person in the universe!
i kind of love you a lot.


  1. that booklet is ADORABLE. i love the little dude saying happy birthday, his face is so sweet. i hope you two have fun!

  2. Aw. That booklet reminds me of Naomi's booklet thing she made for Valentine's Day!

  3. that is THE sweetest thing ever!

    happy birthday Bennett!!

  4. such a cute idea with that little book!