Monday, September 24, 2012

24 weeks

this belly is getting serious.
it takes me an extra 10 seconds to do anything
i bump into everything
and half my clothes no longer fit.
but i will say this...
now that my morning (all-day) sickness has gone away
and i can eat again
i absolutely love being pregnant.
besides being tired and having to pee all the time
i really feel great
and i love having this big ol' belly to rub whenever i want.
and the kicks.
oh, the kicks!
they never get old.
bennett and i will both stop whatever we're doing 
to sit still and watch my belly move.
it's so crazy to see.

today i told bennett i wish i was an elephant
so i could be pregnant for like, 2 years.
i have a feeling by the end of these 9 months 
i won't feel that way anymore : )

Sunday, September 23, 2012

4 years

4 years ago today 
that girl on the left and the boy on the right started dating.

this photograph is one i'll treasure forever.
we had only been dating a month or two 
and late one friday night i said i wanted to go to the beach.
so we left the party we were at
packed some bags
and drove 8 hours through the night to florida.
we spent all day saturday on the beach 
and drove back to nashville that night
so bennett could be back in time for band practice.

i can't wait to show this photo to the little girl growing in my belly
and tell her the story of our one day beach adventure
and how i hope that she will one day find a boy
who would drive her to the beach through the night 
just so she could feel some sand between her toes.

i hope she finds a love like ours.
because it's the greatest thing I've ever known.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

sakura bloom

                                                                         Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

one of my favorite bloggers jodi from che & fidel is having the giveaway of my dreams!
she's giving away 2 sakura bloom slings
one in linen and one in silk.
so my fingers are crossed tightly
since i've had my heart set on getting one for baby girl.

above is one of my favorite photos of her wearing her beautiful baby poet
in the essential linen sling in organic raven/maple.

head on over to her blog to enter for yourself!

time is flying by

it's hard to believe how quickly time is passing now.
in about 17 weeks this baby girl will be here...
maybe more
maybe less.
my belly is growing more and more each day
and it's becoming real to us
that before too long
our lives are going to completely change.

it's terrifying
and completely overwhelming.
sometimes i just wish there was a pause button.
i wish i could stop time just long enough to get everything figured out and ready*.
but of course that's not going to happen
so all i can do is take it one day at a time
and do what i can to prepare.
and bask in every little kick and hiccup.

*we found out that i don't get a maternity leave so i'm being forced to resign after the baby is born. which means no job, no income, and no insurance. you don't want to know the level of my stress...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

nursery inspiration

           Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

            Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

                                 Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

                                             Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

even though we're not going to have an actual nursery for baby girl
at least not right now
i'm having so much fun decorating her little corner of our room.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

photos from a nashville labor day weekend

1. radnor lake. my favorite
2. the taco i had been craving for the past three months. THREE MONTHS
3. sweet hawk. baby girl's future husband
4. so so good
5. grapefruit paleta for a humid day
6. dinner with friends
7. pretty susan
8. baby girl getting big
9. sistahs. miss her every day
10. strawberry bum
11. jack cheesin real hard