Monday, September 24, 2012

24 weeks

this belly is getting serious.
it takes me an extra 10 seconds to do anything
i bump into everything
and half my clothes no longer fit.
but i will say this...
now that my morning (all-day) sickness has gone away
and i can eat again
i absolutely love being pregnant.
besides being tired and having to pee all the time
i really feel great
and i love having this big ol' belly to rub whenever i want.
and the kicks.
oh, the kicks!
they never get old.
bennett and i will both stop whatever we're doing 
to sit still and watch my belly move.
it's so crazy to see.

today i told bennett i wish i was an elephant
so i could be pregnant for like, 2 years.
i have a feeling by the end of these 9 months 
i won't feel that way anymore : )


  1. you are one of the best looking pregnant women i've ever seen. seriously.

  2. ahh this picture makes me miss being pregnant. you look beautiful : ). Xx

  3. I agree with Camilla. Love this blog! Consider me your newest follower.