Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in review

so 2012 was an interesting one...
it has been one of the longest and most challenging years of my life.
despite the challenges, though,
it was an incredible year and i wouldn't change a thing.

now this year is going to be spectacular.
bring it on.

in january we had just moved to tampa and i got lost every time i drove by myself and would end up crying in a parking lot somewhere.

in february bennett took me to st. augustine for a surprise birthday trip, i saw the civil wars live, and i began my new job as an art teacher.

in march my mom and little sister came to visit and we went to disney world. then we went to nashville for my spring break and i didn't want to leave.

in april we spent a lot of time at the beach. i was pretty homesick and the sun and waves made it a little better.

in may we signed the lease to rent our little house. a week later we found out i was going to be a mama and bennett was going to be a papa. we were terrified and over the moon excited. we also celebrated our first wedding anniversary.

in june i finished teaching and then the morning sickness kicked in. my little sister came to visit and i puked a lot.

in july i stayed in bed a lot thanks to constant nausea. my belly started growing and we announced our news to the world.

in august stephanie came to visit. i started teaching again and my nausea went away. we got to see our baby girl for the first time and had a party to reveal her gender. bennett felt her kick for the first time.

in september i started feeling homesick again and took a weekend trip to nashville by myself. it was wonderful. i also made a friend. she makes tampa a happier place.

in october i took bennett to see andrew bird for his birthday. baby girl loved it and danced in my belly the whole time. my older sister got married in nashville and had an incredibly beautiful wedding.

in november my friends threw me a beautiful baby shower in nashville. i was in another wedding and then spent thanksgiving in nashville with my family. also my belly got huge.

in december i was thrown another beautiful baby shower, this time by bennett's family. i finished teaching and we had my first christmas away from my family, and our last christmas as just the 2 of us.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

38 weeks

it's hard to believe that baby girl could be here any day now.
we have everything ready.
car seat installed
clothes washed
bags for the birthing center packed...
all we have to do is wait. 

i'll be 38 weeks tomorrow.
the birthing center doesn't do internal checks until i go into labor
so i have no idea if i'm progressing at all
(which is a good thing so i don't get my hopes up)
but i just have a feeling she'll be here sooner rather than later.

come on baby girl.
we can't wait to meet your sweet face!

Monday, December 24, 2012

christmas eve

                          Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

merry christmas eve!
this is my first christmas away from my family
so it's a little bitter-sweet.
it's hard to be so far away from them
but it's also nice to have this time with bennett
to prepare for baby girl
who could be here any day now!

i hope everyone has a relaxing holiday
filled with plenty of family, food, and love.

Friday, December 21, 2012

full term and full of germs.

today baby is full term.
today i am also sick as a dog and stuck in bed.

it's crazy to think that at any time now
there will be a tiny baby sleeping right across from me.
i'll lie in bed and listen to her breathing
and everything will be right in the world.

i just really hope she waits a bit longer
so i can beat off these germs i caught from the kiddos at school.

i mean seriously.
WHY did i have to get sick now!?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

christmas cheer around these parts

1. ornament made from last year's tree stump
2. grandma's old ornament hangers
3. garland lights, all night every night
4. DIY waterless snow globe
5. bringing home the tree
6. garland
7. all decorated

Saturday, December 1, 2012

december 1st means...

today is december 1st.
usually on this day i'm so excited because 
only 25 more days until christmas!
start the advent calendar!
it's officially christmas time!

but this year is a little different.
of course i'm excited for christmas
but guys...
i'm having a baby next month.
i can officially say that.
and it's slightly terrifying but mostly awesome.

so to celebrate we're going out today to not only buy a christmas tree
but also get everything i need for my birthing center bag.

i just can't believe how close we are to meeting this little girl.

happy december 1st.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


want to know something crazy?
in a little under 4 weeks i'll be full term.
as in,
this baby could be here so freakin soon.
...we have only one pack of diapers
and her crib is full of books, baby things, and laundry.

as i write this post
she has something lodged under my ribs
and the entire right side of my belly is doing the wave.
i am starting to wonder if i have a baby in here
or something out of a sci-fi movie.
even if she comes out as an alien i think i'll still like her.

and i gained 12 pounds in just 2 weeks.
so there's that.

happy thursday.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


i'm thankful for waking up cuddled next to my husband this morning
with a hiccuping baby girl in my belly,
for the crisp nashville air,
for amazing friends that make me feel like i never left home
and for new tampa friends that make living far away a little easier,
for cranberry ginger-ale
and chocolate with sea salt,
for our incredible parents and families that make sure we have everything we need,
for my birthing center and midwives
who are helping to prepare me for this exciting adventure of childbirth,
and for this amazing life i have
where no matter how rough and uncertain things get
i am loved
i am happy
and i wouldn't change a thing.

happy thanksgiving, everyone.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


today i spent the morning with the 2 adorable kiddos i used to nanny
ate lunch with my mom at my favorite taco spot satco
spent some time with a dear friend and her sweet baby boy
and now i'm going to take a nap 
before i go pick bennett up from the airport.
i've got a healthy kicking baby in my belly
christmas music is playing
and tomorrow is thanksgiving eve.

could i be happier?
absolutely not.

happy tuesday.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


                          Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

at the moment i'm sitting at the airport waiting to board my flight to nashville.
my last trip home before baby girl's arrival.
it's a very strange feeling.

i don't think i've really comprehended the fact
that next time i go to nashville i'll have a tiny one in tow.
i mean, 
how can one possibly realize how much their life is about to change?

next time i hop on a plane
i'll have a sweet baby girl cuddled close to me in her sling.
my home will be a strange place to her.
the place i grew up in
and took my first steps in
will be foreign to her.

and we won't just be visiting my parents.
they'll be her grandparents.
and my sisters will be her aunts.
and i'll get to show her all of my favorite places.
and she'll just be this tiny human being taking it all in through her big eyes.

and when she gets older i'll tell her about my childhood
and show her the creek where we would catch crawdads
and the hill where we'd go sledding
and the bushes where i'd pick branches of honeysuckle.
and then i'll show her things like the park where her mama and papa went on their first date
and where they held hands for the first time
and kissed for the first time.

i can't wait to show this baby girl the world.
show her all of the beautiful things that make my heart so happy.
i can't wait.

Monday, November 12, 2012

baby girl

the 2 x's are on her eyes, and that's her little hand and arm by her face!!!

on friday we had our second ultrasound
to check a couple spots on my placenta that showed up on my 20 week ultrasound.
this was hopefully my last one
since the spots have gone down half in size
but we'll have to wait and see what my midwife says.

i can't even put into words how amazing is was to see our little girl.
last time we saw her she was so tiny
and just looked like a skeleton.
but this time,
this time she looked like an actual baby!
she was sleeping with her little hand by her face
and she woke up and moved around a couple of times.
my heart melted into a puddle.
we decided it looks like she has my eyes and eyebrows
and apparently she's got some looong legs.

i just can't wait to meet her.
i can't believe that in 9 short weeks
maybe sooner
maybe later
she'll be in my arms.

and i think we decided on a name.
i can't wait to share it with the world once we meet her and make sure it fits.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

nashville, i love you

i had the best weekend in nashville!
the shower was absolutely wonderful
i got to spend time with my family
and i got to enjoy autumn to the fullest.

i can't wait to post more about the shower soon.
until then,
some instagram photos...

Friday, November 2, 2012

baby shower

i'm off to nashville again for the weekend.
(and no, i am definitely not complaining)
tomorrow is my very first baby shower 
and i am so excited!

stephanie, ellen, and karlie have been working so hard to put this thing together
and i feel so fortunate to have such amazing friends.
nashville here i come!

Monday, October 29, 2012

sister's wedding weekend

my older sister got married this past weekend 
and it was a blast.
she was stunning
the ceremony was beautiful
and the reception was sooo much fun!

congrats, kate!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

off to nashville!

we're off to nashville for the weekend!
my older sister is getting married on saturday
so we're flying out today to make it home in time
for all of the festivities.

i can't remember the last time i was this excited.
i mean,
i get to walk at radnor lake!
and crunch leaves beneath my boots!
and spend time with all of my family!
and see my sister get married!
and get my belly rubbed by so many people!
and eat good food!
the list goes on.

the best part?
the high on saturday is only 55 degrees.
AUTUMN you guys.
i get my autumn after all.

see ya, 90 degree florida.
you won't be missed.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

28 weeks

now that i'm in my third trimester
i get to meet with my midwives every 2 weeks to check on baby girl.
i can honestly say it's the number one thing i look forward to.

i love the birthing center we're using
and it's so nice to sit and talk with my midwife for an hour 
and get my belly measured
and hear baby girl's heartbeat.
she's right on track
and even has her head down
ready to go.
she's a rockstar already.

every day i get more and more excited to see her tiny face
and kiss her little fingers.
part of me still can't believe this is real-
that it's happening.

but it is real
and it is happening.
and i am so excited.

Friday, October 19, 2012

happy friday!

                                                                         Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

happy friday!

i have the day off
so i've been lying in bed all morning
daydreaming about falling leaves 
cool weather
and camping.
my heart is aching!

we're going to a "pumpkin patch" tomorrow...
or as close to a pumpkin patch as you can get here in florida.
but i'm still excited.
it will at least hold me over until next weekend 
when i'm in nashville and can experience autumn for real!

have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

a little house tour

nesting has kicked in
and i kind of love it. 
this house has never been cleaner.

i decided to take some photos around our little home the other day
since there's no telling how long it will stay this way.

Friday, October 12, 2012

a little dinner party

tonight we're having my friend and her husband over
for an autumn themed dinner/hang out
(yes, you read that right...i made a friend!!!)

i'm super pumped.
they're bringing a pizza 
we're making an appetizer
and we're having halloween treats for dessert.
we'll end the night by watching the village
or it's the great pumpkin charlie brown's such a hard decision.
they're both so good!

as you know i've been crazy homesick since i left nashville
so it's nice to have a good friend here now
to make me feel more at home in florida.

happy friday!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

26 weeks and feelin awesome.

last night i took bennett to see andrew bird perform.
it was my birthday gift to him.
andrew is un-freakin-believeable live.
if you ever have the chance to see him
you must go.
it will blow your mind.

baby girl was loving every second of it.
she didn't stop moving the entire time.
i can't wait to tell her about her first concert
when she was still in my belly
and how she danced the night away.

also my belly is getting huge.
i freaking love it.
so does bennett.
life is good.

Monday, October 8, 2012

birthday boy

this boy's 24th birthday was yesterday.
we had a nice relaxing weekend
and i'm taking him to see andrew bird perform tomorrow night.

i couldn't ask for a better husband
a better friend
or a better father for this tiny baby girl.

i love you, b.
happy birthday!

Friday, October 5, 2012

pinterest favorites: autumn

                           Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

                          Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

                          Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

           Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

             Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

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