Wednesday, November 21, 2012


i'm thankful for waking up cuddled next to my husband this morning
with a hiccuping baby girl in my belly,
for the crisp nashville air,
for amazing friends that make me feel like i never left home
and for new tampa friends that make living far away a little easier,
for cranberry ginger-ale
and chocolate with sea salt,
for our incredible parents and families that make sure we have everything we need,
for my birthing center and midwives
who are helping to prepare me for this exciting adventure of childbirth,
and for this amazing life i have
where no matter how rough and uncertain things get
i am loved
i am happy
and i wouldn't change a thing.

happy thanksgiving, everyone.


  1. i'm thankful for chocolate with sea salt, also. being loved kinda tops the charts though ;) happy belated thanksgiving!

  2. Jenny, I just stumbled across your blog! I remember you from highschool and can not believe how much you have grown up and with a little one on the way. Your little family (bump included) is absolutely adorable! xo Sara

    1. i remember you too! you're so sweet. hope you're doing well!