Tuesday, July 24, 2012


this belly is growing bigger and bigger.
my jeans hardly button anymore
and all i want to wear are skirts and maxi dresses.
i absolutely love it.

on thursday i'll be 16 weeks
and that blows my mind.
16 weeks!
that's almost 20!
january will be here before we know it.

i think i felt him/her move for the first time.
i'm still not 100% sure
but now every night before i go to sleep
i lie really still and try to feel it again.
i haven't yet
but i know i will soon.

happy tuesday.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


since i found out i was pregnant
i've had several dreams about this baby.
and in every single one
this baby has been a girl.

usually i don't get to see her face that well
or i wake up before i can get a good look
but last night was different.
it felt so real
and i finally got a good look at my baby's face.
she was so incredibly beautiful.

she was so tiny wrapped up in a swaddle
with a little hand poking out the top of the blanket by her face.
she had bennett's eyes
long fingers
and hair as dark as night.
we gave her the most beautiful name.
she was perfect.

we still have a few more weeks before our ultrasound
to find out the gender
but with all of these dreams i'm starting to wonder if i'm on to something...

**but everyone, and i mean everyone, seems to think its a boy**

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

some thoughts

right around now something happens to me that happens every year.
and this thing that happens usually makes me so giddy and excited
that i get butterflies in my stomach and can't think about much else.
but this year it's doing the opposite.

it's usually right around now that i start to crave autumn.
the color and sound of the falling leaves.
the smell of the air.
pumpkin bread.
soft sweaters and boots that go up to my knees.
leaving the windows open and wrapping up in a quilt.

i think i'm happiest in the autumn.
there is something so magical about the season
knowing that the holidays are right around the corner
and there is so much to look forward to.

i've never not had an autumn.
and just knowing that this year i won't...
it makes me cry.

leaves won't really fall here.
the air won't grow cool.
the beauty of autumn won't exist.
not the beauty I'm used to.

but this is where i am right now.
it doesn't matter how much i hate tampa
or complain
or cry
because that won't change anything.
it won't bring me back to nashville.
it won't bring me my autumn.

i have so much to be happy about.
i am married to my best friend in the whole world
who makes me laugh harder than anyone.
we have a sweet little home
and school and jobs ahead of us.
i have a baby in my belly the size of a pear
whose heart beats 160 times a minute
and who i am already over the moon in love with.

so yes
i might be losing my autumn this year
but i'm gaining a completely new season i've never known before.
instead of watching leaves fall i get to watch my belly grow.
instead of hearing the leaves crunch beneath my feet
i get to hear the sweet sound of my baby's heartbeat.
i think that's a pretty fair trade.

Friday, July 13, 2012

pinterest favorites: oh, baby

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

ché and fidel

hop on over to one of my all-time favorite blogs ché and fidel

i have my fingers crossed 
since lately i've been trying to figure out what baby essentials i actually need for the first year.
i mean,
it's like registering for a wedding but so much more confusing...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

sister visit

a couple weeks ago my little sister came to visit for a few days.
i hadn't seen her since march
and i was starting to feel really lonely
so it was perfect timing. 

we went shopping
and to the beach
and bowling
and ate at good restaurants
and spent the last day at busch gardens
where i passed out we had lots of fun.

it was so nice to be reunited with her
since i miss her every single day.
and the best part was that my puking held off until bennett took her back to the airport!
thank you, stomach!
i know ellen was very glad not to be woken up in the mornings
by my loud, um, sickness.

come back ellen.
i miss you so much.

Monday, July 9, 2012

mama and papa

mama and papa
and the beginnings of a baby bump.

the first trimester was rough.
really rough.
i've been so so sick since week 8
and lost 10 pounds
yet somehow already have a baby bump.

we heard the heartbeat on friday.
so fast and strong.
it was the most wonderful and beautiful moment of my life.
i just laid there and cried.
i've never felt so much happiness or relief.

i am so in love with this baby.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

a tiny little heartbeat growing in my belly

we are over the moon
and could not be more excited.
hurry up january!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of july

happy 4th!
i plan on baking some cupcakes
eating too many hotdogs
and then setting something on fire.
hope your day is a blast!

polaroid from our very first 4th of july together

Monday, July 2, 2012

july happy list

i absolutely cannot believe it is july already.
i mean,
when did this happen!?!?
i guess this means it's time for a happy list
even though i'm not very happy july is here already...

- karlie's birthday is today!
- fireworks
- watermelon
- swimming
- corn on the cob
- the olympics
- cookouts
- late night vinyls on the record player
- fruity summery drinks
- finally putting my kitchenaid ice cream maker to use

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