Monday, July 9, 2012

mama and papa

mama and papa
and the beginnings of a baby bump.

the first trimester was rough.
really rough.
i've been so so sick since week 8
and lost 10 pounds
yet somehow already have a baby bump.

we heard the heartbeat on friday.
so fast and strong.
it was the most wonderful and beautiful moment of my life.
i just laid there and cried.
i've never felt so much happiness or relief.

i am so in love with this baby.


  1. Beautiful photo and congratulations! I hope everything turn out fine for you! :)

  2. New favorite photo of you three... three!?!?!?... THREE!!!

  3. Get used to that overwhelming feeling of love and amazement! Such an amazing time, enjoy every second despite the sickness! You're looking amazing xx