Thursday, November 29, 2012


want to know something crazy?
in a little under 4 weeks i'll be full term.
as in,
this baby could be here so freakin soon.
...we have only one pack of diapers
and her crib is full of books, baby things, and laundry.

as i write this post
she has something lodged under my ribs
and the entire right side of my belly is doing the wave.
i am starting to wonder if i have a baby in here
or something out of a sci-fi movie.
even if she comes out as an alien i think i'll still like her.

and i gained 12 pounds in just 2 weeks.
so there's that.

happy thursday.


  1. that photo is one of the most beautiful things i've ever seen. you are lovely. i'm so excited for you & bennett! :-) can't wait to meet your beautiful baby girl, even if she is an alient. lol.

  2. I'm having a severe case of bump envy!