Friday, October 12, 2012

a little dinner party

tonight we're having my friend and her husband over
for an autumn themed dinner/hang out
(yes, you read that right...i made a friend!!!)

i'm super pumped.
they're bringing a pizza 
we're making an appetizer
and we're having halloween treats for dessert.
we'll end the night by watching the village
or it's the great pumpkin charlie brown's such a hard decision.
they're both so good!

as you know i've been crazy homesick since i left nashville
so it's nice to have a good friend here now
to make me feel more at home in florida.

happy friday!!!


  1. fistpump for budding friendships! enjoy all your autumn-themed's definitely the best food season and most delicious to throw a dinner party in!

    ps i vote for charlie brown ;)

  2. aw Jen! So glad you made a friend! Can't wait to celebrate baby with you!! xoxo

  3. Has to be The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown :D