Tuesday, October 23, 2012

28 weeks

now that i'm in my third trimester
i get to meet with my midwives every 2 weeks to check on baby girl.
i can honestly say it's the number one thing i look forward to.

i love the birthing center we're using
and it's so nice to sit and talk with my midwife for an hour 
and get my belly measured
and hear baby girl's heartbeat.
she's right on track
and even has her head down
ready to go.
she's a rockstar already.

every day i get more and more excited to see her tiny face
and kiss her little fingers.
part of me still can't believe this is real-
that it's happening.

but it is real
and it is happening.
and i am so excited.


  1. Having a baby really is SO exciting. I wish I would have used a midwife during my pregnancy, going to a hospital I think you don't get the real hands on attention that a midwife does. I don't ever remember sitting for an hour talking with my doctor. Again, congrats on your baby, I look forward to pictures :)

    1. thank you! i have been so so happy with my care so far at the birthing center. it has been a wonderful experience!