Sunday, November 1, 2009

halloween is a wee bit overrated

i ended up having a weird halloween
we didn't really do anything we had planned on
(besides the pumpkin fest which was wonderful)
but we at least dressed up for a little bit
i was a garden gnome
he was a cuman
(which is a cat-human...don't ask)
so, that's that.
christmas, here we come


  1. ha ha. you guys look cute!

  2. okay, so those costumes are SO not overrated! i don't think you're quite giving yourself enough credit...ADORABLES!

  3. love your blog!

    I nominated your blog for a blog award! Check out my latest post for info.

  4. I love the costume! Such a cute idea! and the fact that the beard is on a stick, is ingenious!

  5. garden nome! eeks! that is so cool! i like that idea!

    i love your little blog. totally following