Sunday, February 14, 2010

valentine's day

we celebrated valentine's day last night
thinking we would be clever by doing it the night before
but we were soooo wrong
because cheesecake factory had a 3 hour wait
and the movie we wanted to see was sold out

so instead we dressed up
and went to one of our favorite pizza places
for pizza and drinks
and then we rented new york, i love you
and ate chocolate covered clementines
and drank wine
and it was perfect.

next year we're staying in and ordering a pizza for valentine's day...


  1. Sounds a little bit like what happened to the DH and I. We enjoyed staying in and ordering a pizza. Sounds like you ended up having a perfect Valentine's anyways!

  2. Those are my favorite types of Valentines Days. How was the movie? I haven't heard of it, but keep seeing it pop up on my Netflix.

  3. it was good! i recommend seeing paris, je t'aime first, though. it is better.

  4. I want to see that film, I can't seem to find it in the UK though! :( xx