Saturday, March 13, 2010

this calls for a feast!

bennett gets home tonight
so as a surprise i cooked him dinner!
i have never really cooked before so this was all new to me.
i even made a little menu !
we're having hummus and pita as an appetizer
stuffed shells for the main course
and then i'm making cosmopolitans

i can't wait to see his face again!
i have missed him so much


  1. this is adorable! looks like you did a great job (:

  2. you are so cute. i'm glad you'll be reunited with him! =)

  3. yay delicious! he is gonna love that :D thats very sweet =]

  4. awwwwww....
    looks great.
    i'm sure he will enjoy it!

  5. oh my word...
    i feel ashamed at my laziness after seeing this.
    it's so pretty. :)