Monday, May 24, 2010

little list

while bennett is climbing ancient ruins
and swimming in the aegean sea
i am trying to do as many things as possible to help the time pass quickly
until he comes back home to me

to do:
-babysit. a lot.
-ellen's graduation
-go to atlanta and try on wedding dresses (!!!)
-babysit more
-clean out bennett's car
-merrill's wedding
-sleep as late as possible
-go to bed as early as possible
-finish organizing and decorating my new room

one week down
two more to go...


  1. hang out with chelsey....claire pettibone dresses i presume?

  2. ahh! yes please? no, actually jcrew and priscilla of boston! ill have to show you pictures when i get back

  3. Sounds all very exciting!! I tried on two dresses and decided that the second one was what I wanted lol - I don't think I've ever been that decisive!

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  5. hang out with chelsey and ashley!!! we need a date. love you both.