Sunday, June 13, 2010

a little update

since i haven't posted anything in about 4534567 years
i thought i'd do a little update
(in list-form, of course)

1) my bennett is home. and i am loving every second of it : )
2) i have the best job(s). on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays, i pick up 5 1/2 year old caroline from camp and then play with her at the pool. on tuesdays and thursdays, i crawl around with 10 month old jack who is the happiest and cutest baby in the world.
3) stephanie is coming to nashville on thursday. i have missed her dearly.
4) did i mention bennett is back?
5) we're trying to find a venue for the wedding reception. it's very stressful. weddings are EXPENSIVE.
6) bennett and i get to go to nantucket for 9 days in july. for free (more on that later).
7) i don't really like change. at all.
8) bennett is having more surgery on friday. hopefully this will be the last time.
9) if you are ever in nashville, you must eat here. it is my new favorite restaurant.
10) i cannot wait to get married.

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