Monday, September 27, 2010

happy list

today calls for a happy list...
1. i got to wear boots today. and a sweater
2. the sky was gray
3. i get to start silkscreening my save-the-dates tomorrow
4. our engagement shoot went so well and i can't wait until i can post some photos from the shoot
5. my wedding dress fits like a glove
7. last thursday was our 2 year dating anniversary
8. i think i might want to be a photographer when i grow up
9. ate 3 loaves of pumpkin bread in 2 days
10. i am loved


  1. i needed this. i think i'm going to write one of these in my journal. can't wait to see shots from the engagement shoot!

  2. you should fill us in on more of these wedding plans! and show us the engagement shoot as soon as you can! :)