Monday, March 28, 2011

a little date

bennett and i went out the other night
on what ended up being one of the best dates ever.
we started out at the park and the weather was perfect.
i took pictures for my photo class
and bennett read
and then we talked about our future together
and got butterflies in our stomachs.
then we went to bobby's dairy dip and had the BEST hamburgers
and fried pickles
and fries
and sodas
and dipped ice cream cones
and then we went and played putt putt golf
(bennett won. by a lot.)
and i saw a lady with a baby who was eight days old.
and i almost cried because he was so precious.
we ended the night at the holland house
and we all drank weekender punch and wanted more
(but our wallets wouldn't allow it)


it was quite a good night.

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