Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the move

we're moving in 23 days
and we haven't even started packing.
our apartment is a wreck.
we hardly have any money.
there's something in the fridge that's been there for a little too long i think.
and we're not even quite sure where we're going to live
or if we have have jobs when we get to tampa.

but i am unbelievably happy.
i come home to my husband every day
and we laugh
and play text twist on the computer for way too long
and drink cheap wine
and try our best to prepare for what's next.
and you know what?
i kind of like being poor.
it makes us realize what we really need
and what we can do without.

i'll miss this little place.
it was our first home together.
but i'm excited to see where we'll end up next...

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