Monday, January 9, 2012

goals for 2012

now that 2012 has found its way here
it has me thinking a lot about what i can do 
to make it the best year yet.

bennett has been calling 2012
the year of progress and preparation
and i like that.

we want to keep progressing towards becoming the type of people we want to be
and we're also preparing for what's ahead of us.

my goals for 2012:

1. yoga

now if i said i'd do yoga everyday then i'd be setting myself up for disappointment. i doubt i would do it even every other day. but i want to make it a priority. and i want to become more familiar and comfortable with it. i want to feel healthy.

2. eat right

this is so hard. especially since we don't have a kitchen right now. but as soon as we find a place of our own i want to really start cooking and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. no more taco bell, jenny.

3. create

i want to stop thinking about making things. i want to actually make things! i want to paint! sew! you name it!

4. etsy

i'm determined. this year i will open my very own etsy shop where i can sell the things i've made (see number 3). i need to narrow down my ideas and focus on a few of them. i'm excited about this. i've been wanting to do it for a while now.

5. doula

i want to begin the process of becoming a certified doula. this is something that i am so passionate about, so i am really excited to get started!
*if you haven't seen the business of being born, i highly recommend it!

6. be happy

be happy with where i am. this is something i always seem to struggle with. i'm always looking forward to what's next instead of just being content where i am, right here, right now.

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