Saturday, November 2, 2013

life lately

it's been a while since i've done a post other than a weekly portrait
because honestly
i can barely even find the time to do the portraits.
the days all run together and before i know it
it's november
and my baby is almost two months away from turning one.

marlowe is so wonderful.
she's in the 100th percentile for her height
and she crawls so fast
and pulls herself up on everything
and signs for milk when she's hungry.

my days are filled with chasing her around the house
listening and dancing to music
(i think bluegrass is her favorite)
pulling things out of her mouth that shouldn't be there
and nursing and cuddling.

motherhood has exceeded my expectations.
i love being her mama
and i feel like i was always meant to do this.
sure i get overwhelmed
and some days she's a little terror
but this life?
i wouldn't trade it for anything.

i wake up every morning
no matter how bad the night before was
and it feels like christmas.


  1. Jenny, your blog makes me so excited about motherhood! You seem to have taken to it so naturally. I hope I'm half as lucky! (Also, Marlowe looked adorable for Halloween!!)

    1. You're so sweet! It's not always easy, but boy do I love it.