Tuesday, July 7, 2009


it's my last week of summer class
i had a sleep over tonight with my little sister and we watched chick flicks
and then she killed a huge cockroach in my room as i watched in horror
i hate large bugs
i'm reading water for elephants and i like it a lot
and it's rare that i start reading a book and stick with it
bennett taught me how to play chess and i thought i was going to hate it
but i actually really enjoy it
(and i almost beat him)
there's a half of a seedless watermelon in my fridge which is my favorite food
and bennett comes back to me on wednesday
so i can't wait


  1. aww great picture (; Oh, I have yet to learn how to play chess! people have been trying to teach me since god knows when and I always lose interest in the first 5 minutes. okay, new resolution: Learn how to play chess! thaanks!! (: xx

  2. Oh Water for Elephants is such a good book!
    It's one of those I wish I could erase from my memory and read over! :)
    Oh and seedless watermelon rocks! I have one in my fridge at the moment as well.

  3. Great photo! My older brother taught me how to play chess. He always beats me! I'm not very good at it:( :):)

  4. you are so beautiful! i love how your hair curls a little bit around your face. what a perfect picture!

  5. Lovely picture. OMG I would have been so scared of the cockroach! x