Wednesday, September 23, 2009


today is the most wonderful day because...bennett and i have been "officially" dating for one year!

one year ago today we were sitting outside doing homework and i just blurted out "so are we dating?" and he responded with something along the lines of "i mean i want to, do you?" ...DUH! it had been 4 months since our first date so it was about time!

if someone had stopped me right then and told me where i would be, where WE would be, a year from now, i seriously would have told them they were crazy. love is the most magical, wonderful thing.

even more importantly than our one year dating anniversary, it's our one year bennett's health anniversary. less than a week after we started dating, 5 days to be exact, he had an mri where the doctors found a cyst on his brain. i never could have imagined what we would end up going through together during those next few months; the surgeries, the pain. it made us so incredibly close. now, a year, 2 surgeries, and a lot of headaches later, he is recovering and our love grows so much everyday.

i am so blessed to have him in my life. i cannot even begin to tell you what an amazing, incredible, brilliant person he is. he has taught me so much about life and faith and love, and he has helped me in more ways than he will ever know. i cannot wait to love him more and more everyday for as long as i live.

thank you for being so patient with me
for snuggling with me every saturday morning
for cutting my waffles just how i like them
for so many belly rubs and freckle kisses
for bringing me lunch at work every sunday
for teaching me how to play chess
for going on adventures with me
for tucking me in every night
for never letting me forget
that i am loved.

i love you.
more than all the world.


  1. aww this is like thee sweetest post I have ever read. Happy one year anniversary :)

  2. congratulations on your 1 year.
    that is very sweet

  3. congratulations on your one year anniversary!
    I love your blog.