Tuesday, September 8, 2009

what a day

today was such a wonderful day.

after a massive amount of snuggling bennett and i went to goodwill with my little sister ellen. we then went to the farmer's market where i finally purchased my...drumroll please....cactus! i had been wanting one for a while now and i finally have one that sits perfectly in my window sill. and bennett ended up getting a venus fly trap that he named perelandra (i'm still thinking of a name for mine, but i think i may just call him cactus). After that, a quick game of chess, and then we went with his brother to see this movie which i actually kind of enjoyed (despite the blood, guts, and gore). then my dad came over to my apartment and he helped me get our living room put together. my little apartment is finally starting to feel like a real home. and, of course, bennett just came over to tuck me in goodnight and i remembered how much i love him and how incredibly blessed i am.

oh and i lied a couple of posts ago. we didn't end up seeing paper heart but we are going to soon!

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