Wednesday, August 31, 2011

little things...

- autumn makes me happier than most things.
- i worry. about everything.
- i really wish i didn't worry so much.
- i spend more time on pinterest than i should probably admit.
- i can't wait to have babies and be a mama.
- going on walks at radnor lake is my therapy.
- this movie is one of my absolute favorites.
- i walked down the aisle to this song at my wedding.
- change frightens the daylights out of me.
- this is one of my favorite photos ever:

surrounded by our best friends. photo by austin gros


  1. oh man, i LOVE that yann tiersen song. i'm probably going to figure it out on the piano today. so beautiful. thanks for the tip.

  2. The guy who did the animation went to the same uni as my cousin :) I saw the animation at the Uni Cinema/Theatre when my Cousin went to an open day :)

    What is everyone doing in the picture?

  3. Han, that's awesome! The picture is from our wedding. It was right before we left the reception and all of our closest friends raised their hands around us during one of our favorite songs and started cheering. Right as we kissed the photographer snapped a photo!

  4. haha, yeah, pinterest is really addicting. I love "pinning" inspiration SO MUCH! haha

  5. I too spend way more time on pinterest than is probably good for me. That photo is just amazing and beautiful! I'm not that great with change myself, but I am learning that it is one of the most necessary parts of having a meaningful life.