Tuesday, August 30, 2011

sunday night movie in the park

by the time sunday evening rolled around
i desperately wanted to get out of the house
after being cooped up indoors all weekend thanks to a sore throat and fever.
i still wasn't feeling great
so bennett and i decided to head over to east nashville
to catch an outdoor movie.
i think it was just what the doctor ordered
because by the next day i was feeling better.

we brought a blanket
and a box of kleenex (my new best friend)
and watched the princess bride
one of bennett's all time favorite movies.
it was so relaxing and we'll definitely be going back for the next movie.

plus, they had free popcorn and popsicles
and locally brewed beer for $5.
i mean come on...
how else would you want to spend your sunday evening?


  1. Aristotle? Wow heavy reading for a Sunday afternoon lol. I'm finishing Life in France by Julia Child and then starting Left Side of Darkness by Ursula Le Guin for the second time hopefully

  2. I just remembered this:

    "Uh oh, Benn's talking about Nietzsche."
    "He's the kid no one likes at parties."