Wednesday, September 28, 2011

10 little things

- i am happiest when i am wrapped up in a comforter and it is raining outside
- i could drink gallons of italian grapefruit soda at a time
- i am almost finished student teaching at my first placement and this makes me really sad
- my favorite thing to read is birth stories
- we are moving at the end of december, and i am scared shitless
(pardon my language, but i am)
- move over white wine, red is now my favorite
- i hate eating leftovers
- we already have all of our future children's names picked out
- if i hear chritmas music when it's not christmas, i almost cry
- my favorite thing to do right now is walk with bennett at radnor lake.


  1. Moving is scary but I'm pretty sure that it will go fine :) I've done it 4 times in just over 4.5 years lol.

  2. What a lovely little list...try not to be scared of moving though, instead think of it as an adventure and a new slate!