Tuesday, September 6, 2011

a lovely little date night

the other night
bennett and i went on a little date to the franklin mercantile
(one of our favorite restaurants and where we had our rehearsal dinner)
and i had the most delicious dinner of my life.
i usually don't care much about food
but this meal....
let me just tell you.

we had a bottle of my favorite white wine
and started off with bruschetta.
then i had grilled asparagus
port glazed salmon
sweet potato cakes
and for dessert, chocolate cake.

i mean, i was freaking out.
bennett couldn't even believe it...
i cleaned my plate!
that never happens.
a few bites into it,
i was already getting sad because i knew it would all be over soon.

after dinner
we stopped by the national folk festival for a bit.
benn grabbed a beer
and me, a glass of wine
and we happened to run into a couple friends and their adorable baby
which was a lovely surprise
(although it made my baby fever even worse...)

it was definitely a date night i'll always remember.
so simple and perfect.

**confession. i used bennett's iphone to take the instagram photos. i PROMISE they will rarely show up on here. please don't hate me...**

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