Monday, October 10, 2011

bennett's surprise birthday weekend

so bennett's birthday was friday.
that morning, he left for work thinking he would come home and i might have some things planned here or there...
but little did he know i had several of his best friends from florida come up to surprise him.
he came home from work that afternoon and i told him to close his eyes.
when he opened them, all of his friends were in a pyramid on our bedroom floor.
bennett dropped his keys and almost started crying.
it was priceless.
he literally had no idea.

so we spent the entire weekend going to parks,
eating really good food (here and here),
dancing at trashy bars downtown,
and some good old fashioned frisbee in the street.

in a nutshell,
bennett had the best weekend of his life
and it made me so happy to see him so happy.


  1. what a sweet, thoughtful surprise - so glad you all had a good time together!

  2. Jenn! Will you send me a link to the website where you got that star projector thing?! =) eeeeeeh.