Monday, October 31, 2011

halloween weekend

friday night we went to my family's house
to carve pumpkins
eat pizza

my dad did what he does every year
and brought out his power tools to make carving pumpkins a little more exciting...

bennett took a really long time to plan his out and carve it...

to go along with his costume
he carved a jaws themed pumpkin!

we loved on lucy.
a whole lot.

then on saturday,
we went with my mom to the downtown franklin pumpkin fest.
we had so much fun eating and drinking and walking around.
several people recognized bennett's costume
(chief martin brody from jaws)
but no one really knew mine...
(pregnant mommy fashion blogger)
most people just thought i was actually pregnant
which, heck, i was totally fine with : )

*not pictured is the laptop i made to go along with my costume
**thanks steph, for taking this picture : )

i had to take the obligatory belly shot...


  1. You keep forgetting to say you're a Mormon mommy! That's the best part!

  2. channeling rockstar diaries much???!?!?!