Thursday, November 17, 2011

a christmasy feeling

we've had a gray sky over nashville the past few days
which is making it very hard to not think about christmas all day everyday.
so here are a few christmasy things to help get you in the mood...

one of my friends is posting gift guides over on her blog (i would kill for that pendleton serving platter)
oh, and she makes beautiful music, too.

bennett and i picked our child from the angel tree to get presents for this christmas. check it out here if you are unfamiliar with the angel tree. i've done it every year with my family, and now bennett and i are carrying on the tradition. it feels so amazing to help out a family in need.

umm... how about the civil wars christmas ep tracks in the snow? can't wait.

and of course pinterest. so many good craft/gift/decoration/winter style ideas!

now if you'll excuse me,
i'm going to go listen to a charlie brown christmas soundtrack and drink some hot chocolate.

1 comment:

  1. yayyy christmas! Angel Tree is an awesome organization... I was thinking about having me & Nathan do one this year... you may have just convinced me =)

    And my coworkers made fun of me today cause I was listening to Christmas music in my office. ;-) hehe.