Monday, February 6, 2012

the civil wars

our first night in st. augustine
bennett surprised me 
by taking me to see the civil wars.
goodness gracious.
they were amazing.

he told me to put on something cute
and then took me to dinner.
he said we were doing something after,
but wouldn't tell me what.

we pulled up to a building and got out of the car
and bennett told me since he couldn't take me to nashville for my birthday
he brought a little bit of nashville to me.
and then he told me we were there to see the civil wars perform.
i started bawling, people. 

needless to say,
they were amazing and perfect in every way.
we met them afterwards
and joy williams told me she liked my blouse 
and wanted to know where i got it.
she's even more beautiful in person.

best birthday surprise ever.


  1. i do love that blouse. is it the anthro one? you know joy lives in nashville right? and that i've known her since i was 11...