Thursday, August 2, 2012

images from a best friend beach weekend

this little vacation came at the perfect time.
i was feeling super stressed about school starting in a couple weeks
and i'd been feeling pretty lonely not having any friends here in tampa.

so when my best friend karlie and her drew were going to be just an hour away
at siesta key for the weekend
we knew what had to be done.

and let me tell ya something about karlie,
after 15 years our relationship just gets better and better
(we met in the 2nd grade!!)
i love this girl. so much.
it's crazy to think about everything we've been through growing up
and now she's a nurse
and i'm married
and she is hopefully going to be standing by my side
as i deliver this sweet baby into the world.
life is crazy.

so our weekend consisted of sup boarding
a sandbar
so many sand dollars
ice cream and salt water taffy
and drinking games (for them of course. i stuck with orange juice : )


  1. Siesta Key is GORGEOUS! you were in my neck of the woods! :)

    1. it is SO beautiful! i couldn't get over how clear the water was!

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  3. Such a beautiful bump and place!


  4. Oh that looks like such fun! I'm glad you got to see Karlie. She's the greatest... and so are you. Your baby bump is so so so lovely!!! :-)

  5. Love this! You and Karlie are the cutest.

  6. Aww how beautiful! Glad you were able to get in some much needed time with the bff!