Thursday, January 31, 2013

farewell january

january is over
and my baby is 3 weeks old.

as i sit here typing this
she's fast asleep in my arms.
milk is coming out the corner of her mouth
and her little hand is resting on my chest.
she is perfect.
absolutely perfect.

i want to keep her like this forever.
bottle up her smell
and feel her soft skin against mine.
but at the same time
i can't wait for what's to come.

she completes me.
my little family is my world.
i didn't know i could be this happy.


  1. swoon. sounds like little marlowe has captured your heart so very completely :) enjoy!

  2. Oh, I remember that newborn / new mama feeling. It is really something to be cherished. They continue to be wonderful and you continue to be happier than you could have imagined...but there really is something so special in those newborn days. xo

  3. Three weeks has passed quite quickly. I love your pictures of Marlowe. Her soft hair, her curled toes and the gentle white light. Such beauty.
    Bella xx