Sunday, January 6, 2013

whales and clouds

i've been making a ton of stuff for baby girl
(in fact i may have gone overboard)
but her whale and cloud mobile is by far my favorite.
her little nursery corner has really come together
and now all it's missing is a baby! 

*beautiful baby quilt made by karlie! (and the pink blanket made by my mama!)


  1. it's sooooo beautiful!
    i love everything!
    this year i'll adventure myself on maternity...and i'm so nervous and excited!!

  2. Beautiful, I love the whale mobile, so dreamy. And don't you love that people feel the need to make blankets when there is a baby on the way? I know I have had that urge.

  3. oh wow that whale mobile is wonderful. she'll just love it.

  4. that mobile is absolutely precious!

  5. Wow, those whales are really stunning. I can’t wait to have my own little guy or girl to make such beautiful things for one day!

  6. I love the, so much! Congratulations on your sweet baby. She's beautiful. xo

  7. Beautiful! I remember when my boy was two and told me about whales swimming through the sky and I thought it was such a beautiful idea. His grandmother tried to correct him and tell him whales only swim in the ocean which made me mad. Why try to steal such magic from children? What beautiful dreams your little one will have!

  8. wow! i'm obsessed with whales and would love to make a mobile like this for my baby. did you use a pattern or wing it? x

    1. i just made it up! I'm about to open up an Etsy shop so i can sell them : )

  9. What beautiful whales! Everything looks so sweet. I'm sure you are happy to have such a lovely nursery completed with your little one. :)

  10. You've inspired me to make a seaside themed mobile. Yours is so precious, its something that you will be able to treasure long after your beautiful daughter has grown up. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words and pictures. Your blog is one of my favourites to visit.
    Bella xx