Sunday, June 7, 2009

another happy list

some more things that make me really happy
  • garage sales
  • misplacing a candy bar on purpose just to find it later on that day after you had forgotten about it
  • sleeping in hotels
  • sonic happy hour
  • grapefruit paletas
  • babies
  • the feeling of sneezing
  • writing things down in my planner
  • everything that has to do with christmas
  • pregnant bellies
  • the smell of red wine
  • holding hands


  1. I went to Sonic today!:) Happy hour IS great!:):)

  2. This is so cute :)

    I actually haven't tried Sonic before, or a grapefruit paleta. I'm missing out!

  3. I need an definition for these two items:
    # sonic happy hour
    # grapefruit paletas

    also. great subtle soft carnival shot

  4. sonic happy hour: sonic, a drive-in fast food restaurant, has "happy hour" every day from 2:00-4:00 where all the sodas and drinks are half price

    grapefruit paleta: a paleta is a mexican popsicle and my favorite flavor is the grapefruit. they are made with fresh fruit and are so incredible!

    and thank you! my film messed up but i actually like the way it turned out