Thursday, June 11, 2009

date night

i should be doing my homework
(darn summer class)
but instead i decided to share my pictures from my date tonight.
(i hate it when benn takes pictures of me which explains why i'm hiding)

bennett and i went to movies in the park
where we happened to stay just long enough to run into the lovely chelsey
then left because of bennett's allergies and my belly which needed a hamburger happy meal from mcdonalds.

i love bennett
and movies
and parks
and friends
and mcdonalds
and summer time
but mostly i just really love bennett and i'm so glad he's back.



  1. awww (: you two are soo perfect! and movies in the park sounds delicious, so does the happy meal! haha (; Don't worry about the homework!! it's summer, you have reason enough to slack off for abit!

  2. it was so fun! i'm sad you left...we were starving too but i was too into the movie to leave...but then we gorged ourselves at taco bell after :) let's run into each other more often. kthanks.

  3. I love the second one of you. It's like you're exhausted by Polaroids! Or they sung you a lullaby to sleep! We went on a date night too :)