Thursday, April 22, 2010

10 things i love

1) everything by andrew wyeth

2) the tissue paper flowers i made with my kindergartners for mother's day

3) photobooths

4) this picture of my grandmother's bridge group

5) cinque terre, italy

6) moleskine planners and notebooks. i have about 5,000...

7) fruit mentos

8) the nashville flea market

9) writing in cursive

10) newborn babies!


  1. I love moleskine journals too! I have 3 I think - working on filling them all before I buy more :)

  2. i couldnt live without moleskine journals AND i adore cinque terre. :)

  3. What a very sweet list. I especially loved the tissue paper flowers and your grandmother's photo.

  4. Nashville flea market, that sounds amazing.

  5. okay, i love all these but that photo of your grandmother's friends is blowing me away! so adorable. i'm completely obsessed with old photos lately. which one is your gran? i LOVE them all, their little rompers and cute hairstyles and carefree smiles.