Monday, April 5, 2010

sand gnats and sun burn

i am back from my camping adventure
....and it sure was an adventure.

we went to st. george island
and hiked 2.5 miles to the primitive camping spot
which was at the tip of the island.
we set up camp, made dinner, and got some sleep.
the next day we went exploring along the beach which was nice
but we forgot to put on sunscreen so we both got really sunburnt.
right before the sun went down we made a fire and cooked some dinner
but as the sun descended so did the plague.
the plague of sand gnats.
(also known as no-see-ums)
it was HORRIBLE.
we had to keep moving because if we stood still for 2 seconds they would attack.
we decided to shut ourselves in the tent to keep from being eaten alive
but they started finding their way in.
there was NO way to get away from them!
finally, i cried out that i wanted to go home
so we packed up all of our stuff
(while running around in circles because we couldn't stand still)
and practically ran the 2.5 miles back to our car.
it was seriously something out a movie, or the bible.
for those of you who watch lost, the gnats were comparable to the black smoke.
yes, they were that horrible.

so now we are home
our faces and shoulders peeling
and our legs and arms covered in itchy red spots

i'll post some of the polaroids i took later on.
i hope everyone had a lovely easter
filled with chocolate bunnies and plastic easter grass


  1. aw. we don't have those here. and boy am i happy about THAT.

  2. aww what an adventure! the sand gnats attack just had me laughing...xD aww i would have been freaking out too if i were in your place :o

  3. once upon a time, i went to cayo costa, FL, or as i deem it, hell, and stayed for a WEEK with sand gnats and no way to get off the island but a ferry that came twice a week.

    i cried every night and barely slept.

    i still have sand gnat scars on my feet five years later.