Thursday, February 24, 2011

happy list

a late february happy list....

(source unknown)

-spring is finally on its way
-only one more week of classes until i go to hilton head and do absolutely nothing for an entire week except sit on the beach and drink wine
-sometimes i put on my wedding ring and i don't want to take it off because it's so beautiful and perfect
-i made an A on my history midterm. what?
-it kills me when baby jack looks at me and says "i wuv woo"
-it also kills me when he follows up with a tiny baby kiss on the cheek
-and the other day he saw a picture of bennett and said "bennett so cute!" (i love this child more every day!)
-round 3 of premarital counseling today. i'm actually really excited?
-girl scout cookies. need i say more.
-humphrey family game night on saturday. there will be prizes!
-slowly but surely my photos for my senior exhibition are coming together, and i'm getting really excited!
-oh, and i'm getting married in 3 months. no big deal.

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