Friday, March 16, 2012

on my mind

the thought of going back to tampa on sunday makes me cry.
my few days back in nashville have really made me realize
how much i miss my friends and family
and the hills
and the trees
and everything about nashville.

tampa is so flat
i don't want to be surrounded by strip malls
and chinese take-out restaurants.

i need hills
and trees
and air.
i need to breathe.

we are in a weird limbo/waiting period right now.
we're still waiting to find out if bennett has been accepted to northwestern
and although he has been accepted to the university of south florida
we need to wait and see what kind of funding he is offered.

my fingers are crossed for northwestern.
hopefully we'll find out soon
so our lives will have somewhat of a direction
for the next few years....

this uncertainty is driving me nuts.

1 comment:

  1. As a USF student, I can completely empathize with your desire for a more inspiring backdrop. I guess we can only make the best of it until we make our great escape!