Thursday, May 14, 2009


so i have been wondering why it has been hard for me lately to post on the blog, and today i figured it out. i am terrible at organizing my thoughts. terrible. so every time i sit down and try to make an organized post about one thing, it just doesn't work. i end up wanting to write about something i'm looking forward to, what i ate for lunch, how i saw a really cute pregnant lady, and then i'll throw in a picture of bennett because he's my favorite. so after i had this realization, i decided that it's ok. some people have a way with words. i am not one of those people. so from now on i am content with the fact that my posts might be a jumbled mess of random thoughts.

my 4 favorite things right now are:
  • bennett (of course)
  • my clean room that i spent all day organizing
  • last night's episode of LOST
  • sigur ros


  1. random posts can be better than any 5 paragraph well written post... like you said, it's all about what style fits your personality!

  2. Random posts can be quite lovely! I liked today's randomness!:):)

  3. Jenny!
    Seeing you yesterday was the most beautiful thing.
    I miss you already... Be mine?