Wednesday, May 13, 2009

going home

i am now sitting in my empty dorm room. i thought this day would never come, but it has arrived and i couldn't be happier. or more exhausted. in the past 24 hours i have packed up both mine and bennett's rooms, made trip after trip to load the cars, and then unloaded everything at my house. then i had to take bennett to the airport because he's going home for a couple weeks, and i hate taking him to the airport because it makes me so sad. but he'll be back before i know it (which is actually not true because the days will go by so slow and i will probably cry more than once, but saying that makes me feel better).

so, now i'm going home for a month and then i get to move into my apartment! i'm going to hit up the flea market and every garage sale i come across to get ready for the move in. but for now, when i'm not working at the popsicle shop, i plan on spending all my time with my terribly attractive sister:

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