Saturday, May 16, 2009

lonely day

it is the rainiest of days. i woke up at noon and didn't feel like doing anything, so i got back in bed and have been looking at blogs for quite some time now. i've been a little bit lonely today, but it's kind of nice, in a way. the dreary weather and the loneliness seem to compliment each other. here are some highlights for this cloudy day:
  • i made a list of more things i need to get for my apartment. i'm getting restless. i just want to move in already. 
  • my best friend since the 7th grade is coming home tonight! she makes me laugh more than anyone. 
  • i found my dream wedding dress. it is incredible. i just have to find it for much cheaper somewhere...
  • bennett wants a teacup pig. i don't know how i feel about this yet.
  • the 8 year old i babysit called me today and we had a conversation about lemonade stands, video games, planetariums, and thunderstorms.
  • i'm listening to thirteen by ben kweller, one of my favorite songs. this isn't much of a highlight though because it just makes me miss bennett a whole lot.
that's all for now. here is one of my favorite photos.


  1. let me hear about this dress. i couldn't afford my dream one. but a design student is doing a replica of it...but a little more my styleee.

  2. thirteen is hands down my favorite Ben Kweller song. You're so sweet. I love to read about how much you miss Bennett :)