Friday, May 29, 2009

traveling mercies

today was such a wonderful day. bennett was feeling so much better so we were able to get out of the house. we went to the movie theater and saw up, which i highly recommend (although i have to warn you, i cried after the first 10 minutes or so, and yes, i know it is a childrens movie). then after dinner we went to cali yogurt and made a list of everything we're going to do together this summer as we sat outside eating our pink grapefruit yogurt.

then tonight, as we sat outside on the dock, i was reminded of how blessed i am. despite everything we have gone through this year, every surgery and every doctors apointment, we have eachother. everything will be ok. in the book i am reading called traveling mercies, the author says this:
when a lot of things start going wrong all at once, it is to protect something big and lovely that is trying to get itself born--and that this something needs for you to be distracted so that it can be born as perfectly as possible.

every time bennett has a headache or doesn't feel well, my heart breaks. it scares me more than anything. but i have to have faith that he will be ok. all of this is happening for a reason. something so big and so wonderful is going to come into our lives, and we just have to be distracted for a little bit so it can be perfect. i am blessed. i have loved more than some people ever get to love in their lifetime. i can't take that for granted.


  1. I love that quote.. it's so good and so true. I really hope Bennett starts to feel completely better soon. you guys are wonderful. you're so positive and i love it.

  2. when i saw there was a new post from you, i got very happy. Clearly this one is my fav. blog =]

    the quote is wonderful and true! And I am glad you look things in the positive way =]

  3. What a wonderful day for the two of you and a beautiful quote! I have to say it is most timely for my own life too as there are things happening that leave me quite breathless with worry. So Thank-you for sharing!