Wednesday, May 6, 2009

one year ago...

so one year ago today, bennett took me on our first date. it was quite wonderful because we ate at carrabba's, took some cheesecake to the park and had a night-time picnic, watched jurassic park, talked for hours, and then watched the sunrise. i'm surprised he even asked me out on a second date because i was so nervous i barely ate any of the food he bought me and i accidentally blew a dandelion right in his face. so here are some of the reasons why he is my favorite person in the world...
  • he reads to me
  • he thinks it's cute how i have to organize my candy by color and flavor
  • he took me to the beach for one day (that's 16 hours of driving in about 30 hours)
  • he likes snuggling as much as i do
  • he doesn't make me sing in front of him
  • he says i look the prettiest right after i wake up and that my hair looks best when i haven't showered
  • for valentine's day he got me a dinosaur for each day of the week. i keep them in my backpack
  • he likes to kiss the freckle beside my nose
  • he wrote me a ukulele love song
  • he thinks i'm an artist, and i think he's brilliant
  • sometimes he gives me his shirt so i can smell him as i fall asleep
  • he is always there for me when i freak out and have panic attacks for no good reason
  • his eyelids and hands are my favorite
i love him more than comforters, happy meals, belly rubs and candy.


  1. this is really really sweet :)

  2. That is very, very sweet indeed! What a wonderful list and what a beautiful couple!

  3. Oh my goodness. Stop making me weep.

  4. Hi! I found your blog through Naomi's ... all of your posts make me say aww and swoon. How sweet!

  5. Ahh I hope you keep blogging, and your first date sounds like magic.

  6. so, so sweet jenny.